2014 Petra de Roodt.
Nothing on this website may be used without my permission.
Welcome to my photo site. I've devided the photos in the following topics:
Fauna/Pets: Me and my family own and have owned many many pets. Look at this topic as an archive if you will :)
Fauna/Zoos: The Rotterdam zoo Blijdorp will obviously be featured the most as it is only a short bus ride away for me. But other zoos have their charm as well of course.
Fauna/Wildlife: In this topic I place all the critters I just come across when I visit my parent's sumerhouse or the park or even my balcony.
Flora/Plants & Flowers: The main attraction of that sumerhouse is of course the garden that surrounds it, but it's not the only place where I find flowers.
Flora/Trees & Toadstools: The latter is found mostly with the first, so I put the two together.
Places: Though I mostly like to take photos of flowers, trees and rocks, when visiting a place other subjects can take my fancy as well. Rather then to add lots more topics in the menu, I decided to simply stick to the places I'd been. Or still am, I often take photos close to home.
Miscellaneous/Sky: I can't get enough of beautiful sunsets (don't do sunrises), fascinating clouds and mysterious moons. So I gave it a page of its own.
Miscellaneous/Textures & Close-ups: We're talking extreme close-ups if I get the chance. Focusing on an element rather than the whole can produce surprising pictures I think.